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Injury Chiropractors in Houston

The Houston chiropractors in the Texas Injury Doctors network focus their practice on treating victims of injury, with an emphasis on people who have been injured in car accidents. With longstanding experience in the pains and conditions that typically affect accident victims, our team has developed high-quality treatments for the three “hot spot” injury areas: the head, neck, and spine.

Injuries from an accident often limit the victim’s range of motion. Our treatments focus on alleviating pain symptoms and helping patients regain their mobility so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

You don’t have to live with pain after an accident. Call our chiropractors in Houston today at (713) 766-0644 to learn how to schedule an appointment.

Not All Injuries are Visible

Injuries do not always mean the victim is dealing with a scar or broken bone. In fact, oftentimes people involved in car accidents suffer injuries that leave no visible marks and go untreated for days because the victim does not realize they were hurt. Some of the more painful symptoms of an injury might not manifest for hours or even days after the incident. It is always worth your time to visit the doctor after an accident. Do not assume you made it out unscathed until a doctor has had a chance to review your condition.

Conditions we commonly treat include:

  • Neck painNeck pain is one of the most common injuries people encounter after an accident. People often do not realize how much they rely on their neck for mobility until it begins to ache when they turn their heads. Our chiropractic team can help you speed up neck recover and avoid actions that agitate the injury.
  • Back pain Most people will encounter back pain at some point in their lives, and while in many cases it can go away on its own, back pain that resulted from an accident could become permanent if left untreated. The spine is composed of many pieces that could have fallen out of place and be responsible for your pain. We help patients identify the cause of their discomfort and begin a treatment plan.
  • HeadachesIf you were recently involved in an accident and have started to suffer from headaches more frequently, you may have sustained a head injury. Our chiropractic treatments can help manage the pain and reduce stress.
  • Whiplash A whiplash is caused by a rapid jolt to the neck when the body is quickly moved backward or forward. It can sometimes take up to a day for whiplash to develop, so do not rule it as a cause for your neck pain out even if your accident was several hours ago. Our chiropractors are familiar with a variety of treatments that help manage painful symptoms and speed the recovery period.
  • Leg injuries - Accidents can cause serious leg injuries when the limb gets trapped, crushed, burned, or more. We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in the leg and radiating from the lower back.
  • Hip Injuries - These injuries can seriously hinder your mobility and pain can radiate throughout the torso, legs, and back. As one of the most important joints in the body, even minor injuries can lead to worsening symptoms is not properly treated by a skilled chiropractic team.
  • Knee injuries - There are numerous causes of knee injuries involving the bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and more. Like hip injuries, pain from a hip injury, knee problems can seriously hinder your ability to walk, sleep, or carry out your daily activities. Knee injuries are treatable, however, especially when taken care of early. At Texas Injury Doctors, we are well-versed in the treatment and causes of knee pain and can help you recover.
  • Hand/foot injuries - Your hands and feet are particularly susceptible to damage caused by accidents, falls, trips, and other incidents. If you experience pain in your extremities, including your wrists and ankles, seek chiropractic care for treatment.
  • Arm pain - Tingling, burning sensations, numbness, and more are common after whiplash or back injuries when the brachial plexus nerves are affected by trauma. Even minor injuries can cause debilitating and radiating pain that may only develop weeks after the accident itself.
  • Shoulder pain - When ligaments or discs in the back are injured, the pain can develop in the shoulder and radiate down the nerves in the arm. This can be particularly painful when performing activities or your job.

If you begin to feel pain sometime after an accident, our team will be happy to examine you and offer their informed diagnosis.

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